Su J. Sokol

I am an activist, a cyclist, and a writer of speculative and interstitial fiction. Originally from Brooklyn, I studied law and philosophy before becoming a community lawyer specializing in housing. In 2004, I immigrated to Canada. I currently live in Montréal where I work for a community organization as a social rights advocate. Je parle français avec un accent Newyorkais.

My short fiction has appeared in The Future FireSpark: A Creative Anthology, TFFX 10th Anniversary Anthology, Glittership: an LGBTQ Science Fiction and Fantasy Podcast and Glittership: Year One anthology, and my reviews have appeared in Matrix Magazine.

In addition to my work as a advocate and a writer, I curate and participate in readings and literary events in Canada and abroad, and have served as moderator or panelist at the Metropolis Bleu/Blue Met Literary Festival, the Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature, the Belles Lettres readings for NDG Arts Week, and the 75th annual World Science Fiction Convention in Helsinki.

I also work as a freelance editor.

On this site, you will find some of my writing and reviews, and occasionally,  my preoccupations. Feel free to share your thoughts on any of the above.

You can follow me on twitter @sujsokol and on facebook.com/cyclingtoasylum.


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