Cycling to Asylum on its Way to Becoming a Film


Su J. Sokol’s ‘Cycling to Asylum’ Headed For The Screen After Kiss Off Entertainment Options the Anarcho-Pacifist Novel

VANCOUVER, B.C. Oct 9th – Kiss Off Entertainment is taking Cycling to Asylum into development as a feature length film, to be adapted and directed by Sara Beth Edwards.

The Sunburst Award long-listed novel revolves around young parents whose views are at odds with authoritarian government in near-future New York. Laek is a history teacher with a secret radical past while his partner Janie is an activist lawyer representing the city’s most disenfranchised. Together they struggle with how to instil anti-authoritarian values into their two kids, without those beliefs endangering their children’s welfare in an increasingly hostile political climate. How can they live with integrity and still be safe?

When Laek is nearly beaten to death at a protest, hospitalization in a high-tech facility exposes gaps in his documentation. As Laek clings to life and scrutiny on the family grows, Janie plans a covert escape from the United States, traveling by bicycle into Canada. With no reliable information available about outside countries, the family must take a chance on underground rumours Montreal has declared itself a sanctuary city that accepts refugees. It’s the only place they could start over – if they can make it there at all.

“The subversive themes and non-binary characters absolutely drew me to this story,” said Edwards. “But also the depth of emotion as they fight not just for physical survival but the preservation of their beliefs, their humanity.”

Sara Beth Edwards wrote on season one of the Netflix series Travelers. Her debut feature Fall Back Down, a punk RomCom set to be released mid 2019, is executive produced by Chris Moore (Good Will Hunting) and Ziad Touma (Before the Streets, Le bruits des arbres).

Su J. Sokol is a social rights and anti-border advocate originally from New York City where she worked as legal services lawyer. Her short fiction has appeared in The Future Fire, Spark: A Creative Anthology and Glittership: an LGBTQ Science Fiction & Fantasy Podcast among others. 

Cycling to Asylum is published by Deux Voiliers Publishing, who specialize in first-time novelists. Sokol’s latest interstitial fiction novel, Run J Run, will be published by Renaissance Press in 2019.

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