My second novel is about to be launched!

RUN J RUN, my second novel, is coming out soon with Renaissance Press!Renaissance

Run J Run is a riveting tale of friendship, love, and chosen family. Using the tools of psychological drama and erotica, it presents a compelling critique of both the treatment of mental illness in our society and the false boundaries we construct in our personal relationships. 

Jeremy, a high school English teacher coming to grips with a shattered marriage and haunted by the brother he lost, unexpectedly falls in love with his best friend, Zak. Attractive, wildly unconventional, and happy in an open relationship with his partner Annie, Zak seems to embody everything missing from Jeremy’s life, but when the arrest and death of a marginalized student at the Brooklyn high school where they both teach trigger Zak’s mental breakdown and slow descent, Jeremy and Annie are compelled to cross boundaries, both external and internal, in a desperate attempt to save him.

A character-driven story with a cast of diverse and realistic protagonists, Run J Run celebrates the day-to-day heroism of ordinary, flawed individuals faced with trauma, loss, and marginalization.

Run J Run can be preordered from the publisher here.

2 thoughts on “My second novel is about to be launched!

  1. Su, Congrats! Steve and I are so happy for you! Can we buy our copy directly from you? Love and hugs, Ellen

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